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Gran Canaria

Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in Gran Canaria, Family leisure options, culture, gastronomy, folklore... This unique place offers visitors a wide selection of fun activities, entertainment options, relaxation ideas, sports...
Las Canteras Beach
At Las Canteras Beach you will find one of the country's best city beaches, unbeatable weather year round, and perfect conditions for a unique day.
In addition to surface activities, you can also enjoy its marine depths, which offer an ideal location for diving and other water adventures.
Gran Canaria has an extensive network of museums where visitors can discover a part of its culture and history via the objects they house.

Some of these include:
- Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave) Archaeological Park and Museum
- Ethnographic Museum
- Castle of La Mata City and Sea Museum
- Casa de Colón

Of course, the area is famous for many celebrations, including Carnival. During this celebration the streets are decked in lights and colours while music and job invade every corner of Gran Canaria.

Links of interest:
The mix of cultures that have crossed this territory over the course of history is evident in its gastronomy. Flor de Guía cheese, sweet potatoes, wine, sugar cane rum and coffee are some examples.
Enjoying the cuisine available is a part of the experience of discovering this wonderful place.

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